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At PRA IT Services we understand the importance that your computer has in the running of your day to day business operations, this is why we pride ourselves on sorting your issues out FAST!

PRA IT Services manage your integration of IT products, facilitate seamless integration of mac servers and supplement your existing IT support. Whatever your needs for IT Service support, our technicians can support you, providing hassle free solutions for your business.

PRA IT Services manage all your SOE creation needs. Our technicians facilitate all your imaging, creation of images, deployment solutions through deploy studio and maintenance of images.

List of Services:

Tick_2.jpg Server Setup And Integration
Tick_2.jpg Workstation Setup
Tick_2.jpg Software Installation
Tick_2.jpg Deployment Solutions

Corporate IT services


Insurance.jpg   Insurance services

With our state of the art service centre, highly trained technicians and with an appointment free setup… We offer a complete inspection report and quotation prepared for you or your insurer upon inspection of your device in a timely manner. 


Onsite.jpg    Onsite services

Can't get to us? We can come to you. Jason, our highly trained service manager can come to your home or office and solve your problems.



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